What percent of people get their car detailed?

How many people detail their cars?

9. Many Americans wash their car around 13 times a year. Car wash water statistics indicate that 66% of Americans get their cars washed approximately 13 times per year. This puts the average washes per month at one or two times.

Is it worth getting a car detailed?

Detailing your vehicle is absolutely worth it, and not just because it saves you from washing your own car. Regular detailing will have valuable benefits for your vehicle, from classic cars to daily drivers.

Is car detailing in high demand?

Demand for the Car Wash and Auto Detailing industry declined in 2020 due to a decrease in consumer spending and shelter-in-place orders imposed in early 2020. However, revenue will likely increase 9.4% in 2021 as demand rebounds as the economy reopens.

How many car detailers are there in the US?

Car Wash & Auto Detailing in the US – Number of Businesses 2002–2027

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Year Value
Feb 1, 2016 60,854
Feb 1, 2017 61,722
Feb 1, 2018 56,380
Feb 1, 2019 57,197

What percentage of people use car washes?

In 1996, 52.4% of people favored home washes, but by 2014, that percentage had dropped to 28.4%. The percentage of consumers who choose a professional car wash facility increased from 47.6% to 71.6% within the same time period. In 2019, that number climbed even higher, to almost 77.0%.

How much do Americans spend on car washes?

The car wash industry is very fragmented with no one company controlling a large portion of the industry. According to the United States Census Bureau, over 100,000 car wash facilities in the United States with Americans spending approximately $5.8 billion a year at car wash facilities.

How often should I detail car?

The frequency that you should get your car details varies by how much wear and tear you put on your vehicle and how often you wash and wax it, but most experts recommend you have it done 2 to 3 times a year, or once every 4 to 6 months.

How much does it usually cost to have a car detailed?

If you have an average-sized vehicle and you opt for the basic car detailing services, you can expect to pay anywhere from $50 to $125. If you have an SUV or a van, you can expect to pay anywhere from $75 to $150.

How long should it take to detail a car?

Assuming your car is not excessively dirty and is medium sized, then the detailing will take anywhere from 3 hours to 5 hours.

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How big is the Auto Detailing industry?

The market size, measured by revenue, of the Car Wash & Auto Detailing industry is $13.7bn in 2022. What is the growth rate of the Car Wash & Auto Detailing industry in the US in 2022? The market size of the Car Wash & Auto Detailing industry is expected to increase 4.2% in 2022.

How much is the car detailing industry?

In 2021, the car wash & auto detailing market in the U.S. was valued at approximately 13.1 billion U.S. dollars, which was an increase compared to the previous year. The market size peaked in 2019 at roughly 13.9 billion U.S. dollars.

How many car washes are there in the world?

8 million cars get washed every day in car washes. There are 113,000 car wash establishments globally in 2021. Roughly 38 gallons of water are used each time a single car is washed. 304 million gallons of water are used for car washes per day, globally.

Why are there so many car washes being built?

The desire for convenience extends to location. The growth of the industry is making car washes more convenient to find. Greater penetration and visibility triggers both the rational and emotional desire to have their vehicle look its best.

How many cars go through an automatic car wash per day?

According to Nu Look, the average American car wash washes around 20,000 cars annually, but Mr. Wash washes around 500,000 every year. According to a documentary on Mr. Wash, the super car wash site washes 4,000 cars per day and about 400 cars an hour.

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What state has the most car washes?

California had more car washes than any other state and the highest total car wash sales ($1.6 billion) in 2017, according to the 2017 Economic Census. However, the District of Columbia, which had few car washes for its population, ranked first in average sales ($879,000) per car wash.