Who invented electric windshield wipers?

Robert Kearns, the inventor of intermittent windshield wipers, who won multimillion-dollar judgments against Ford and Chrysler for using his idea, has died. He was 77.

When did electric windshield wipers come out?

Bosch has the world’s biggest windscreen wiper factory in Tienen, Belgium, which produces 350,000 wiper blades every day. The first automatic electric wiper arms were patented in 1917 by Charlotte Bridgwood.

What did Kearns invent?

Kearns said a new combination of parts made his invention unique. That jury failed to agree on how much he should be awarded, and another jury later ordered Ford to pay Mr. Kearns $6.3 million, which a judge cut to $5.2 million.

Who invented heated windshield wipers?

One of the devices was invented by Elliott A. Meltzer and Albert A. DiIoia, co-founders of Thermo-Blade Inc. of Bensalem, Pa.

When did Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper?

Windshield Wiper Invented In 1902 By A Woman Who Didn’t Drive Entrepreneur Mary Anderson thought it made no sense that New York streetcar drivers had to keep jumping off to clean snow from the windshield. She soon won a patent for her “window cleaning device.”

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How did Mary Anderson make the windshield wiper?

On November 10, 1903 Anderson was granted her first patent for an automatic car window cleaning device controlled from inside the car, called the windshield wiper.

Mary Anderson (inventor)

Mary Anderson
Known for Invention of the windshield wiper

Did a black man invented the windshield wipers?

Mary Anderson patented the windshield wiper in 1905. Her invention could clean snow, rain, or sleet from a windshield by using a handle inside the car. … Her goal was to improve driver vision during stormy weather – Mary Anderson invented the windshield wiper.

Why did Mary Anderson not make any money from her patent?

743,801 to a Birmingham, Alabama woman named Mary Anderson for her “window cleaning device for electric cars and other vehicles to remove snow, ice or sleet from the window.” When she received her patent, Anderson tried to sell it to a Canadian manufacturing firm, but the company refused: The device had no practical …

What was the first car with intermittent wipers?

In 1963, he showed Ford a new Galaxie in which he had installed electronic-based intermittent wipers. Kearns, who has a doctorate in mechanical engineering and has some 35 patents, had wanted to be a supplier to the automakers.

Did Kearns remarry?

Kearns obsessions broke down his 27-year marriage and caused distance between him and his children. His wife later remarried; she died in 2013.

Is flash of genius a true story?

When we first meet Robert Kearns, the main character in the new movie “Flash of Genius,” he’s a broken man. … Robert Kearns invented the intermittent windshield wiper and spent 12 years suing the big Detroit automakers for stealing his idea. “Flash of Genius” is a true story based on a New Yorker magazine article.

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How did people drive before windshield wipers?

The history of the windshield wiper began with the invention of the automobile. Most transportation vehicles did not have wipers. Horse-drawn carriages and trucks moved at slow speeds, and glass was not needed to protect the driver or passengers or to act as a windbreak. The first windshield wipers were brushes.

What is a windshield wiper made of?

Windshield wipers are made up of metal and rubber or silicone composites. The frames are most often made of aluminum with some bits of steel for smaller parts. The area of the wiper blade that comes in contact with the windshield is most often made of rubber or synthetic compounds.