How do I get a AutoZone Rewards card?

How do I get my AutoZone member ID?

If you joined the program in store, make sure to link your account with your AutoZone Rewards ID when shopping online. Download the AutoZone app to easily access your AutoZone Rewards ID and balance.

How do I check my AutoZone rewards?

AutoZone Gift Card Balance

  1. Check Balance.
  2. Call 800-288-6966.
  3. Shop at AutoZone.

How does the point system work at AutoZone?

AutoZone Rewards is a free program that helps you get more for buying what you need. You’ll earn a $20 Reward after every 5 purchases of $20 or more and receive access to exclusive offers just for you. If you need help keeping track of your purchases and service history, our program helps you do that.

How do I make an AutoZone commercial account?

New to AutoZone Pro?

  1. Existing Customers. Get access to Request Online Access.
  2. New Customers. Become an AutoZone Commercial Customer. Get an Account. Call: 1-866-853-6459. – or – Contact your local AutoZone Store.
  3. Apply For Credit. Two easy ways to apply: Apply Online Now. -or- Print.
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How do I add a receipt to AutoZone rewards?

You will need to log-in to the AutoZone website and select “Add a receipt” or call customer service at (800) 741-9179 with the transaction information printed on your receipt. Requests must be made at least 3 days after purchase and cannot be made more than 90 days from the date of purchase.

Does AutoZone give cash refunds?

Products can be returned to any AutoZone store, provided that they are in their original packaging or box and you have the original sale receipt. … For faster processing, you can take the credit card used to make the purchase to an AutoZone store, as the refund will be credited immediately.

Does AutoZone have a credit card?

Does AutoZone have store credit cards? The AutoZone Merchandise Credit is a merchandise credit which is issued in the form of a declining-balance card and can be used to purchase merchandise at any of our 5,000 plus AutoZone stores.

Can AutoZone look up a receipt?

For help locating a receipt, call AutoZone customer service at 800-288-6966. A customer service representative can help you locate your receipt in their extensive system not available to the in-store associates. They may be able to find the product using your credit card information if you paid with a card.

Will AutoZone return without receipt?

AutoZone’s return policy allows returns of eligible products within 90 days of the purchase date. You will need the original packaging for the product, the receipt, and in most cases, a government-issued photo ID. For AutoZone returns without a receipt, you need to call their customer support at 800-288-6966.

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Can I return an opened item to AutoZone?


To return a product to an AutoZone store, return an item in its original condition and packaging, with receipt, within 90 days of the purchase date to request a refund. Return a defective item within the warranty period. Requests for refunds may be denied if the item has been used or installed.

Does AutoZone Apple pay 2021?

Yes. AutoZone accepts Apple Pay. However, they only accept at some stores, and not for online purchases on But, still you can use other payment methods such as debit cards, credit cards, or to make online purchases for online purchases.

Can you return a starter to AutoZone?

Yes! Autozone has a 100% customer satisfaction policy! If they’re won’t return it at the store look on in the window in the front of the store and call the district manager.

Will AutoZone do a free diagnostic?

If your light is on, and you are wondering why, head down to your local AutoZone where one of our store associates can help diagnose the issue through our free Fix Finder service. As stated before, if you need help from a professional to further diagnose an issue, check out our list of preferred shops in your area.

What is an Autozoner?

Autozoner is a name used for the worker at an Autozone. Zoner is also another term.

Does AutoZone have price match?

You need proof of the product you want the company to price match with. The product should match the features of the product you want to price match with. AutoZone will only price match if the product is in its stock. They will only match with companies within a certain area.

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